The truth has finally come out!

I can’t tell you all how happy I am. This was what we all fought so hard for. Allan Candy invited me into their office at the end of the week and we finally got to the bottom of this whole oogie mess. By now I hope you have all seen the press conference. I felt so silly sitting up there in front of all those reporters and cameras. But who cares? The truth is finally out! Thank you to everyone who believed in me and helped to get my story out. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.
If only my dear Morty could see me now. What a crazy world. Now, what’s next?

Watch the Official Press Conference:

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Allan Candy can’t ignore us all!

Thank you to everyone who is helping by putting up my posters. I’m seeing them everywhere and they just make me so happy. How can Allan Candy ignore me now? And if you have put one up, take a photo of it and put it on the Dessert Bites facebook. Show them I’m not alone out here. We’ll get justice one way or another I know it!

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Wanna help?

Hope you guys have seen some of the posters my friends have been making for us. Here’s one of my favourites.

If you want to help, you can print out this poster by clicking on here then put it up in your neighbourhood. If you really want to help, put up two.

Matty says you can even make our poster your profile picture. But just don’t ask me how. (I don’t even turn my computer on if Matty isn’t around.)

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Striking back.

Well, I didn’t think anything could make me feel better about this whole Dessert Bites fiasco, but then the girl’s and I had a great idea. Why not get out and use their big flashy ads against them? And so that’s just what we did. And let me tell you, I haven’t had that much fun since the Lodge stopped holding Parcheesi Night. It wasn’t easy for me to get all around the city, but with all of you nice people behind me I knew I couldn’t give up. Let’s see what Allan Candy say about this.

Wanna see this old girl strut her stuff?

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They denied it!

It seems Allan Candy couldn’t ignore us forever. But they denied the whole darn thing. Well, we’re just going take our message to the next level. Allan Candy might think they can get away with this, but I’ve got an army of Grandmothers and we’ve got nothing but time. Of course I hope they realize, this means war.

And if you’re with me, don’t forget to let Dessert Bites have it.

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Okay Matty, Videos.

My grandson says that we’re not making movies, we’re creating videos. Well, here’s our latest one. Have a look.

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In limbo.

I couldn’t sleep last night I was so upset. So I did what any baker worth her cornstarch would do, I made 3 pies. I just can’t believe a nice Canadian company would steal from someone. From me. Oh well, all we can do is hope the truth comes out. Matty says people are writing on Dessert Bites’ facebook and are starting to get my story out there. So thank you to everyone for your support.

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