Striking back.

Well, I didn’t think anything could make me feel better about this whole Dessert Bites fiasco, but then the girl’s and I had a great idea. Why not get out and use their big flashy ads against them? And so that’s just what we did. And let me tell you, I haven’t had that much fun since the Lodge stopped holding Parcheesi Night. It wasn’t easy for me to get all around the city, but with all of you nice people behind me I knew I couldn’t give up. Let’s see what Allan Candy say about this.

Wanna see this old girl strut her stuff?

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One Response to Striking back.

  1. Doris Stewart says:

    You were strutting your stuff alright. You go girl!!!!!! I’m two weeks shy of 72 and you make me want to get going again too. Don’t stop now.

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